Are You Ready for Showdown at the Mara?

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Word from reliable sources indicate that the journey has just begun. The steps of the Gnus otherwise known as the wildebeests are getting louder and louder from across the border. The waters of the Mara are full to the brim. The mighty crocodiles and their young ones are sharpening their jaws against the rocks on the river. The carnivores are salivating on the feast that awaits them. It’s that season ladies and gentlemen where nature takes center stage. During this time many meet their ultimate fate, new life is born, tenacity, speed and hunting skills are displayed in a marvel second to none.

The question begs are you ready for this year’s showdown or you will allow this to pass just as you have done in the past? The wildebeest migration was named among the Seven Wonders of the World for a reason. Many are yet to come to terms on how hundreds of thousands of herbivores migrate every year at clockwork between two countries in search of pasture. Just maybe you are not moved even for a moment by the migration itself, but you will surely be moved by the action and drama surrounding the migration. If you could position yourself at the banks of the Mara River at the point where the animals cross, then you would witness an action that you only see on National Geographic TV.

For the lucky that manage to escape the jaws of the crocodiles, pasture and danger awaits them on the expansive plains of the Masai Mara. Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs and Hyenas among others are cheerful during this period of the year as food is in plenty. Witnessing a kill is one of the most memorable and yet rarest moment for safari enthusiasts. However during the migration months, it is more common to see the spectacle. The below video captured by one of our guests reveals the magic of witnessing a kill.

Above all the Wildebeest migration is highly recommended to school going children. They have an opportunity to learn how nature works and this can help them a great deal in their school work. The season starts officially in July going all the way to August. Much action is normally around mid-July when many animals are crossing the Mara River.  Enough said about the spectacle that awaits us, we hope to see you and your family at the Masai Mara this time round. Adios!

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