Why Serengeti is the Top Safari Destination

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One Cannot Resist the Lure of Serengeti

The Great Migration is the most emotional natural life scene on the planet and there’s just two places on the planet where it happens: the East Africa, the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Consistently a huge number of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle advance from the Ndutu area in the south of the Serengeti, crosswise over river intersections and gigantic fields of grass fields, to arrive at new green grass that accompanies occasional rains as they move northwards.

For a long time of the year, the tremendous groups can be seen in various pieces of the Serengeti, this is a completely natural process that depends on weather, environmental factors, and the animals themselves, the timing and route that’s well-known to them. Mostly calving toward the beginning of the year, river intersections in the year, and the arrival from the Masai Mara at year’s end.

Individual travellers will require a vehicle to explore the national park: you can acquire a 4×4 from Arusha or Mwanza, just as outdoors gear and equipment, and have a stay at one of the camping spots outside the national park or at one of the nine open camping areas inside the Serengeti: there are six in the Seronera territory in the core of the recreation center, one at Lobo, one at the Fort Ikoma Gate and one at Ndabaka Gate (you can book and pay for these campgrounds when you enter the recreation center doors).

There are likewise exceptional campgrounds which you’ll have the option to utilize solely for your friends and family. These you’ll have to book ahead of time through a travel agency or through the Tanzania National Parks Authority.

You should be totally independent in case you’re exploring the great outdoors, so load up on arrangements in either Arusha or Mwanza before you enter the national park and bring your very own firewood. Numerous explorers lie towards not driving themselves on the Serengeti’s terrain and rather get a driver despite the fact that this will cost significantly more than driving yourself.

Travel during the wet season from January to March, when the Serengeti is at its wettest, to get discounts on hotel rates and safari tours for the best budget friendly spending.

While you’re in Serengeti you can witness the ‘’big five’’ co-existing and fighting for survival. Due to the nature of the park it is best to say that its survival of the fittest. From the lions of the park to the wildebeests and zebras, during the day you are able to see predators looking for prey and also feasting on carcasses. This creates a sense of appreciation towards the wildlife we are surrounded with.

Serengeti National Park is probably the best spot to spot lions in nature! You’ll regularly discover them getting together and hunting in prides of 10.It’s anything but surreal, this is when you understand why people call it a ”big cat country”. Your odds of seeing lions are especially great from July to October in northern Serengeti National Park.

Leopards are somewhat progressively subtle to discover, yet with a little luck and great planning you ought to have the option to see them. Take some time around the Masai Kopjes territory, and watch out for the enormous stone structures where leopards are known to sun bath. You can discover them hiding in trees and almost being camouflage.

Rhinos are very rare to sight in the national park as they are usually located around the ngorongoro crater. The black rhino is an endangered species who is guarded by the wildlife service 24 hours from the poachers.

The absolute best spot to spot hippos is at the Serengeti Hippo Pool, situated in Mageso Chember. Here, you’ll find many hippos squished firmly together in a little lake. It’s an outright can’t-miss spot in Serengeti National Park!

You cannot miss the sighting of elephants and buffaloes, the national park has over 2,000 elephants. They usually walk in herds of 30-50 elephants. Buffaloes are spotted on the south part of the park. The tour guides are usually familiar with the places you may be able to find them.

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