Globetrotter’s Fun Filled Day Trips

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Sometimes you just want to be somewhere outside of your normal environment even if it’s just for a day. At Globetrotter, we understand this and the reason we have curated exciting getaways that are pocket friendly for you to enjoy.

We have matched some of these getaways with important international and local holidays where possible. Through this, we hope that you, your family and friends will take this amazing opportunity and grab a date with us for a fun filled day.

8th March 2020 – International Women’s Day

Destination: Lake Nakuru National Park

Nax Vegas as the town is popularly known has always been a great getaway for many Nairobians.  In just 2 hours from the city, you will find yourself in a place where the tamed and untamed roam freely around a shallow alkaline lake.

Enjoy the day spotting and taking photos of animals that roam the park freely. They include black rhinos, southern white rhinos, Rothschild’s giraffe, lions, cheetahs and leopards.

Lake Nakuru won’t disappoint for the avian lover as it’s a haven for over 400 resident species of birds.

Group Joining Trip

Cost: Kshs.3,800 per person inclusive of transport and activities

26th April 2020 – The Forest Kereita

April is the month when Christians all over the world will celebrate the Easter holidays. Easter is usually a high season weekend and therefore we not ideal for a day trip. However, if you would want to go for a holiday during this season, please reach us as we have great deals for you to choose from.

The Forest is situated in the heart of the Aberdare Ranges in the Kereita Forest. The Forest, an activity Centre overlooking a beautiful lush green valley.

It has an array of activities, including horse riding, hiking, mountain biking, paintball and Segway tours. The big draw, however, is the Flying Fox, a series of six zip lines that traverse the valley, spanning over 2km and offering international levels of safety standards and highly trained instructors.’

Group Joining Trip

Cost: Kshs.5,500 per person inclusive of transport and activities


Labour Day (1st May 2020 – 3rd May 2020) – Camp Ndunda Falls, Embu.

Camp Ndunda Falls is located on the banks of Rupingazi River at the foothills of Mount Kenya 8kms from Embu town off Kibugu road. The hike through the Camp takes about seven hours with an easy trekking, zip liner, board walk and water fall viewing.

Here you will enjoy canopy walk, nature walk, hiking, picnic, bush trekking, zip lining, mountain biking, fun games and camp fire.

Group Joining Trip

Cost: Kshs.10,000 per person inclusive of transport and activities

Mother’s Day (10th May 2020) – The Dam RedHill

Mothers are special blessings in our lives and the reason this important day cannot pass just like that. Here is a plan for you to treat your mother, wife or mother figure in your life.

At the dam Redhill, enjoy a silent boat ride as you glimpse at cool nature around you. For the more adventurous, experience the adrenaline pumping thrill of Zip Lining that flies across the dam.

After that you can just chill and enjoy a meal on floating restaurants as the wind calmly drift the restaurant. We promise the experience of this Is just amazing.


Group Joining Trip

Cost: Kshs.4,000 per person inclusive of transport and activities

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